More to Do

Bike rides

We’d say this is the best way to acquaint yourself with the fascinating coastal town of Wadduwa. Ride across to the Daladawatta temple or the Thalpitiya church with their charmingly rural atmosphere. The village in the vicinity includes the opportunity to see the fascinating art of toddy-tapping where techniques passed down through the generations are used to collect juice from the bud of palm tree flowers.

Water sports

Scuba Diving Explore the beauties of the oceans flora and fauna hidden beneath its surface.

Snuba A cross between snorkelling and scuba diving, the sport is an easy and safe way to explore exciting marine life. With Snuba, there’s no need to know how to dive to experience the underwater world at deeper depths.

Jet Ski If you are into high speed thrills, then Jet Ski adventures is just the thing for you.

Kayaking Bring on your sense of adventure and take our kayaks out to sea to explore and observe the marine life.

Towable Rides Go for a wet and wild towable ride to beat the heat. Give in to the pleasure of skimming across water behind a power boat - this is one fast ride!

Wake Boarding Hang on for the ride of your life ... learn to wakeboard and find out what the buzz is all about. Feel the rush as the rope goes taut and you feel yourself being pulled to your feet. Be bold and perform your first jump.

Kalutara Bodiya, sacred shrine

Situated alongside the Kalu River this is the most significant landmark of Kalutara town. The temple is historically important as one of the 32 places indicated by Arahant Mahinda Thera in 2nd century BC as a place where one of the 32 sapling of the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi should be planted.

The magnificent white stupa with its dome shaped Buddhist shrine is believed to be the only Buddhist stupa in the world that is entirely hollow, allowing pilgrims to walk within its interiors as they view paintings depicting tales from the Buddha’s life.

Distance from hotel: 15 km

Richmond Castle, Kalutara

Richmond Castle, built in the early 1900’s is considered one of the most spectacular architectural works of this period. Its setting within a stunningly landscaped garden is reminiscent of a grand residence of British nobility. The mansion stands majestically atop a hill and is today a popular tourist attraction that gives visitors a brush with the islands wonderful history.

Distance from hotel: 20 km

Kosgoda sea turtle conservation project

The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project was established to protect the Sri Lankan turtle from extinction. Kosgoda is a prime turtle nesting site and the project engages the local fishing community in its efforts to conserve turtles by monitoring their activity and conserving nesting sites.

Turtle eggs are collected and brought to the hatchery where they are then buried in sand until the baby turtles hatch. Saved from predators in this manner, the baby turtles are then released to sea at night time. The project also cares for injured or disabled turtles, including albino turtles that would not survive in the wild.

Distance from hotel: 34 km


Lunuganga, is the country home of world renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Here he experimented with his ideas about space, light and landscaping all through his long and successful career. Recognised for his unique ability to blend distinct buildings with their natural surroundings, Lunuganga embodies this great architect’s flair in every sense.

As you walk through this fine place, take time to enjoy the details of a the magnificently crafted entrance court and portico, the glass room offering a stunning view beyond, the red terrace coloured by the soil used and ofcourse Bawa’s favourite place, the water garden.

As Bawa went on to become one of Asia most prolific and influential artists, Lunuganga remained closest to his heart. Today the estate is managed by a Trust.

Distance from hotel: 37 km

River safari - Madu Ganga

The Madu ganga river enters the sea at Balapitiya and is a stunning setting of winding waterways with pristine mangrove forests and many islands within. Recognised by the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands of International Importance, the river is home to many species of ecological significance. Colourful birds fly above as monkeys perched atop trees grin down at you and water monitors swim by.

On one of the river islands sits the Kothduwa Raja MahaViharaya temple. It is believed to have once sheltered the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha during Portuguese colonial rule.

The best way to enjoy the beauty of the river is on a journey by boat. Glide through blue waters lined by shady mangroves, glimpse into the lives of local folk as they engage in cinnamon cultivation and make a spiritual stop at the magnificent temple.

Distance from hotel: 51 km

Galle Fort

The seaside city of Galle dates back to the sixteenth century and stood accumulating its rich culture through the colonial periods of the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Today Galle is an archeological treasure trove.

The ancient Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, winds its way in a great circuit and is one of the most pleasant strolls by evening. The Dutch Reformed Church is the oldest of the many churches and was originally built in 1640. Its floor is paved with gravestones from the old Dutch cemetery and also houses an impressive pulpit.

Galle is a wonderful sea-town to spend a day or two amidst chilled out cafes and restaurants as you brush with colonial charm.

Distance from hotel: 85km

Whale & dolphin watching, Mirissa

Sri Lanka is a major spot for watching whales. Sri Lanka is situated within international whaling commission's protected zone in Indian Ocean. The sight of these giant creatures as they rise high in the air draws many marine enthusiasts to Mirissa.

In search of whales who like deeper waters, start the day very early and enjoy a cool, breezy ride out farther to the ocean. Increased sightings of both blue whales and sperm whales are during the months of Jan to April due to migration patterns.

Distance from hotel: 115km